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Why Yell at US?

Why Clients Yell at Us!

We know better than most how frustrating it can be at times working on SEO programs. Take it from us sometimes we feel like yelling too! (Don’t tell anyone but sometimes we do yell). Unfortunately, a significant part of any SEO program is at the mercy of the Google algorithm that Google is running at the current moment. And, yes – it can change at a moment’s notice.

SEO is not a “quick solution” but a long-term strategy

The important thing to remember is that if you have a solid SEO plan that is not trying to “game” the Google system or designed for some sort of “quick fix”, you will almost always achieve your desired results. SEO must be a well thought-out, long-term strategy. My advice is to not even consider starting a SEO plan or strategy without a commitment to seeing it through and a trusted guide by your side. You may have heard, “Don’t quit before the miracle.” These words of wisdom certainly apply to any Search Engine Optimization program.


Sun Equipment is a long time client that sells forklifts to construction companies throughout the U.S. They were feeling frustrated several months into our initial SEO project because their rankings on Google were proceeding up the scale a bit slower than they had hoped. Our goal was a big one as we were working to rank this company Nationally vs locally or even regionally. Patience paid off. Shortly after the 12 month mark, Sun Equipment reached in the TOP 3 rankings in the country on Google for the very highly valued search term USED FORKLIFTS FOR SALE.

When they reached that milestone, Sun Equipment owner, Mike Hoskins, screamed (and yes, YELLED), “HALLELUJAH!” Since that time, our firm has been able to keep Sun Equipment within the top rankings on page one of Google nationally. How? By sticking to our long-term plan while constantly monitoring and adjusting our SEO strategies when and if needed. Keep in mind, SEO is a strategic but also reactive process – reactive not only to Google but to the competition within the marketplace. Fortunately for Sun Equipment, our client’ forklift sales continues today to see a 400% growth in used forklift sales.

LESSON: Be patient and trust your SEO team to manage your long-term plan.

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