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SEO Tips at 3MPH by Contractor SEO PROS

SEO Tips at 3 MPH

Hi guys I realized the other day that the average walking speed for humans is approximately 3.1 MPH. You are probably wondering what does this have to do with SEO? Well, it really doesn’t except I feel most SEO tips are too complicated and offer too much information in one session for the average human to grasp quickly. Therefore, I am introducing a new series in a few weeks where we will move at an average pace called “SEO Tips at 3 MPH”.

In this new series I will introduce a series of short videos with quick tips, tools or reference information to help contractors navigate the turbulent waters of Contractor Marketing & SEO at a comfortable pace. I am confident this series will allow you to follow along and really help jump start your contracting business with SEO.

I am looking forward to this new series because I know it will help your company GROW WITH SEO!

In the interim, feel free to call or email us any questions you may have!

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