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Keyword Density

Good news… this is a short lesson on Keyword Density. Keyword density is defined as the % of times a keyword is used in an article. You may ask, how does that relate to Google and SEO? The answer is simple, Google will penalize (not rank) your content, article or post in relation to Google search results if you overuse your target keyword.

Overusing a keyword is known as “Keyword Stuffing”. My advice is to use your target keyword in a way that looks and reads naturally. There are some keyword density guidelines that should be followed for safety that state to use your target keyword between 0.5% and 3.0%. For example: a 1000 word article should not have the same keyword reoccurring more than 3% or 30 times. The take away here is DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF! The only thing that needs stuffing is a turkey on Thanksgiving… o.k. I will stick with SEO and leave the comedic humor to someone else.

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