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History of a Business Logo

People and civilizations have been branding themselves and identifying their groups etc… with markings for thousands of years. The history of logos goes back to ancient family crests, hieroglyphs and symbolism. Egyptians made unique marking popular as long as 5000 years ago. Primitive peoples from all over the world created graphic arts by painting animals in caves . These cave drawings have been dated back as far as 70,000 BC.

In ancient days there were no drive throughs or sports teams dominating the logo landscape as in current times. Every super successful business can be identified by a unique logo. We all know Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Mercedes etc… by just a quick glance of their logo. I believe logos are more important today than ever before. We are bombarded by information noise everywhere we go and it is extremely important that you create a brand logo for your business that is easy to recognize.

Customers make buying decisions in seconds in todays market and Contractor SEO PROS can create a logo that helps you stand apart from your competition. We have created 100’s of powerful brand logos over the last 40 years of service. Contractors the market is hot! Invest in your future today by updating your brand and staying one step ahead of your competition.

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