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Google Has No Rules

Google Has NO RULES

I have been in the Digital Marketing space for almost 2 decades. The one common denominator I know is Google Has NO RULES. I have seen sites ranked at the top of Google search results that you would think have no business being there. You need to understand we are at the mercy of a machine. Granted the machine gets better and more intuitive everyday but at the end of the day it is still a machine.

I do have one observation you can take to the bank. Google loves brands. You can never over optimize your brand. A strong and relevant brand will trump all the fancy SEO experts every time. So if you are starting a business and are not sure how to get the best results on Google build your brand name. Invest in a strong logo, spend the time and research hours to pick the right name that tells your story because when everything else fails you will have your brand.

Contractor SEO PROS are brand experts and we are here to help you in any way whether it is a new logo, website design or rebuild or a powerful SEO strategy. Contact a crew member today. Grow with SEO. Good Luck!

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