Empathy Increases Website Traffic & Conversion
Create more traffic to your website by showing empathy to your customers

Empathy Increases Website Traffic & Conversion

You are probably asking what is he thinking?

Let me explain, empathy is a noun and it is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Therefore when creating information displayed on your website try to walk in the shoes of your customer. Keep in mind, generally a Google searcher does not know anything about your business when they are searching for answers to a specific problem. I suggest the following, figure out the why behind the reason customers contact you through phone calls etc… and create content on your website that addresses those specific needs and questions.

For example, is it emergency service they call about? If so, then make it clear on your website that you offer 24 hour emergency service.

Do your customers appreciate your automated service call & appointment software that keeps the customer aware of when the technician is arriving? Then emphasize your service call time guarantees etc… I think you get the point.

One final point, TRUST! Trust is crucial so make sure your website displays your reviews prominently so a first time searcher and visitor to your website sees your high quality 5 Star reviews. Grow with SEO & Good Luck!

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