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In 2022 It Is OK to Get High

It’s OK to GET HIGH in 2022


GET HIGHER RANKINGS… There has never been a more important time to focus on your current position on Google search than in 2022. We have been providing contractors solutions for 39 years. We have seen the market go up and go down numerous times during this long run.

Interest rates are rising and inflation is soaring. The time is now… NOT 6 month’s from now to focus on and secure your rankings on Google. I assure you when the market slows and it is going to slow the contractors that focused on branding, digital marketing, and SEO are going to be ecstatic that they did.

It takes about six month’s minimum for an experienced SEO firm like Contractor SEO PROS to help a company obtain higher rankings. Act now and you will be ahead of you competition when the market tightens.

We have an impressive case study we would love to share with you. The case details how a client came to us in early December 2021 with Page-3 Google Rankings. His firm is now in the Top 5 of over 20 regularly searched terms in his market and he could not be happier. The owners exact quote last week was this, “I have spent over $250,000 in the last 10 years on SEO and your firm has gotten us higher rankings than any other SEO company we have used in 4 short month’s”.

We cannot guarantee this level of success with every client in every market but contact us today so we can talk! We are a phone call or email away.

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Why Listen To Contractor SEO PROS

Why Listen To Us?

GREAT QUESTION??? Contractor SEO PROS is an evolution from Holland Identities, Inc. formed in 1983 in Virginia Beach, VA. We followed our own path of rebranding from Holland Identities, to Langley Holland Design, to langleyholland.com, to now seelutions (Contractor SEO PROS is a division of seelutions). Since inception we have worked with numerous Contracting firms to develop their brand, marketing and most recently digital assets (i.e. website creation, branding & SEO). We created the branding & digital assets for Asphalt Roads & Materials Company, Inc. which consisted of 116 employees and 26+ million in annual revenue which sold recently for 100 Million+. No contracting company is too small or too large to receive our undivided attention to details. If you need MORE LEADS. MORE CALLS. MORE EXPOSURE. or… just MORE PROFIT. Contact us today for a FREE Strategy session at (757) 695-9941.

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