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It is not Rocket Surgery by Contractor SEO PROS

It Ain’t Rocket Science?

Don’t over think SEO! Use common sense when picking the title to an article or page on your website that you want to drive traffic to. If you are looking for more service calls for your HVAC business then you could create a page celebrating your business achievements in your service area. For example: Title a page or write a post on your website like “Smith HVAC in Miami FL Market Offers 5 Star Service” and elaborate on the services you provide in the Miami, FL. market and how you are different from the competition.

Do a little research to find the top searched keywords in the Miami market associated with HVAC. I suggest a tool called AHREFS to find these keywords. You can purchase the Lite version for $99/month at Once you have developed a list of keywords that fit your business model, build them into your page strategically but in a natural way to ensure you do not use the keyword too many times. Over using the keyword is known as KEYWORD STUFFING and can damage your SEO strategy.

Now go get to work building relevant pages or posts on your website using keywords and start to Grow with SEO.

If you need help just contact a crew member and we can work with you to help you reach your goals.

Click here for some more tips on our Grow Videos.

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Create more traffic to your website by showing empathy to your customers

Empathy Increases Website Traffic & Conversion

You are probably asking what is he thinking?

Let me explain, empathy is a noun and it is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Therefore when creating information displayed on your website try to walk in the shoes of your customer. Keep in mind, generally a Google searcher does not know anything about your business when they are searching for answers to a specific problem. I suggest the following, figure out the why behind the reason customers contact you through phone calls etc… and create content on your website that addresses those specific needs and questions.

For example, is it emergency service they call about? If so, then make it clear on your website that you offer 24 hour emergency service.

Do your customers appreciate your automated service call & appointment software that keeps the customer aware of when the technician is arriving? Then emphasize your service call time guarantees etc… I think you get the point.

One final point, TRUST! Trust is crucial so make sure your website displays your reviews prominently so a first time searcher and visitor to your website sees your high quality 5 Star reviews. Grow with SEO & Good Luck!

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Google Has No Rules

Google Has NO RULES

I have been in the Digital Marketing space for almost 2 decades. The one common denominator I know is Google Has NO RULES. I have seen sites ranked at the top of Google search results that you would think have no business being there. You need to understand we are at the mercy of a machine. Granted the machine gets better and more intuitive everyday but at the end of the day it is still a machine.

I do have one observation you can take to the bank. Google loves brands. You can never over optimize your brand. A strong and relevant brand will trump all the fancy SEO experts every time. So if you are starting a business and are not sure how to get the best results on Google build your brand name. Invest in a strong logo, spend the time and research hours to pick the right name that tells your story because when everything else fails you will have your brand.

Contractor SEO PROS are brand experts and we are here to help you in any way whether it is a new logo, website design or rebuild or a powerful SEO strategy. Contact a crew member today. Grow with SEO. Good Luck!

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Think Like Google Does to Rank Higher

Think like GOOGLE to Rank Higher!

The world of SEO and how it relates to Google search is ever evolving. It is extremely challenging to keep up with all Google algorithm updates and how each one effects your business rankings.

There are a few simple guidelines to follow that will help you rank higher on Google in 2022. First and foremost try to deliver relevant content that your audience (Reader) wants. I suggest you make it easy for a user on your website to find the information needed and always answer frequently asked questions in a simple & easy to understand format. I always say “Don’t make them think”. Everyone is bombarded with info these days so make it easy to get the answers they are searching for or you’ll lose them!

To sum up things up… Serve the reader! If you keep this strategy in your mind when you write blog posts or create website content you will be ahead of the competition. Grow with SEO. Good Luck.

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